The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2023

The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2023

We're quickly marching into 2023 so we thought we would write a little roundup of some of the styles that are hot (or not) this year.

At Room Perfected, we believe that the first and most important thing to remember when choosing styles for your space, is that it is your 'happy place' and needs to reflect you personality and character much more than sticking to fashions. So be bold, choose what you like and what makes you smile and have fun creating your perfect home.

Statement lamps 

"We predict seeing a lot more saturated colours, more glossy than matte finishes and more elaborate lamp shades.


Traditionally-applied fabrics and patterns have become quite popular, so much so we are introducing new shades in pleated linen as a standard offering. We also foresee ceramic shades, for table, floor and even pendant or surface mounts, becoming trendy." 

Charlie Dumais, Ceramicist, Dumais Made (a handmade lamp and accessory studio) 

Nostalgic Design 

"Design with nostalgia in mind will continue. I don’t mean mid-century or retro. I think this idea of granny-chic is evolving to a less kitschy/more sophisticated style, which I really appreciate." — Gideon Mendelson, Founder and Creative Director, Mendelson Group 


Blue & Meaningful Décor Accents 

"Overall, 2023 is going to be bold. Ultramarine blue will be the trending colour for the upcoming year. It is a bright, super saturated, and luscious colour. Going along with the bold theme, people will really embrace the use of family heirlooms, antiques and re-purposing and incorporating meaningful pieces into their home." — Anne Hepfer, Interior Designer, Author of MOOD 


Warm Woods 

"The use of warmer wood tones and an earthy colour palette in furniture and fabric will continue to rise." — Krisha Salud, Director of Interiors, StudioLAB 



"Stripes are going to come back in a big way. They’re the original high-contrast design element, whether used in wallpaper, textiles or paint and make an unmistakably bold statement unlike any other pattern." — Carrie Livingston, Interior Designer 


Statement Rugs 

                         "There will always be neutral rugs, but I am loving the shift towards rugs being functioning floor art. These statement rugs will become a fixture in the home — a form of artwork that must also be curated to create the perfect space." — Alex Alonso, Founder and Creative Principal, mr. alex TATE Design                                       



 Going Gold 

"Gold is back forever. We will, hopefully, never see brushed nickel again. This parallels the overarching trend of warm tones over cool tones." — Susan Hayward, Founder, Susan Hayward Interiors 


Warm Brown Tones 

Brown-based colours — caramels, tomato reds, terra cottas, deep corals — are going to be big in 2023. After years of bright whites and cool greys dominating design, people are looking for a more soothing palette that invites warmth and cosiness.



With many more embracing the home they live in, maximalism, the bold and busy trend, continues into 2023. This trend is all about encouraging creativity and personality in the home, with individuality at the heart. 

Rooms that feature bold pops of colour, decorative wallpaper alongside lots of personal touches such as mirrors, furniture, candles and lights, bring this trend to life. 

Maximalism is a fun way to really showcase your personality in your home. Every item, from paint to wallpaper, all the way down to the flooring, should reflect shameless individuality. Look to bright coloured paint to showcase your creativity, with contrasting colours to really nail the trend. 

Rich tones 

Deep green tones were extremely popular this year, with rich tones remaining popular into the New Year. This love for deep colours can be brought to life with wallpaper that feature traditional design styles. 

This trend can really transform a home into a warm and cosy environment, and homeowners don’t have to break the bank to incorporate this interior design. 

The interior expert said: “Our love of rich tones such as deep greens, greys and blues has been an interiors trend for centuries – it’s an opulent colour palette.


“A good tip to modernise this colour scheme is to add copper accessories to bring out the different tones. This trend can work well throughout the whole home if you have a lot of natural light and love the vintage look.” 

Biophilic design 

Biophilic design continues to thrive as one of the top trends for 2023 after becoming extremely popular in 2022. Our love of nature and natural elements within our homes is set to stay, as rich colours take over, to reflect this natural, botanical palette. 

For those wanting to bring the outdoors in, in 2023, stick to jewel tones of blue and green for paint, as well as plenty of foliage and rich textures in décor. 

Another way to bring this design into the home is opting for statement wallpaper which replicates greenery. For a more subtle look, add green accents such as cushions or blankets. 


Pure luxury 

This trend involves using gold accents, marble textures, geometric shapes as well as a deep and rich colour palette with navy and dark greens.  The aim for this design is to make the home feel more exclusive. 


There’s always been a want for aspirational interiors that make us feel regal and luxurious. This new trend for 2023 sees this want come to life in our homes, but minus the price tag. 

To get the look, add swatches of deep paint on statement walls and update the lighting to transform a room to reflect that of a luxury hotel. 


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